Low flow sampling

Our ESR Olha Nikolenko is focused on the study of the dynamics of GHGs in groundwater. During her field investigations Olha applied low flow sampling technique in order to collect representative groundwater samples from the specific depths minimizing the mixing between different water layers. The collected samples were analyzed for a range of hydrochemical parameters and isotopes (15N, 18O, 11B, 13C, 34S and 3H). In addition, sampled groundwater was used to perform laboratory incubation experiments using NO3- and NH4+ compounds labelled with heavy 15N isotope to quantify the rates of denitrification and nitrification processes.

Collection of groundwater samples

Such approach can help to obtain better insight into the extent of oxic and anoxic zones, occurrence of biochemical processes along the vertical profile of the aquifer and accumulation of GHGs in different hydrogeochemical conditions.

Field set-up for low flow sampling procedure

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