The programme of technical workshops and seasonal schools that will be provided by the INSPIRATION training network is summarised below. These events will be delivered jointly by the academic and industry partners within INSPIRATION, with support from external scientists and other experts. All events are available for attendance by external participants and dates for each will be provided on request. Contact the network Project Manager, Gabriella Kakonyi, for further details.

Workshop, location and date
  • WS1 Project and time management skills (academic and industry focus), strategies for effective knowledge transfer, science dissemination (United Kingdom, March 2017) Download flyer here
  • WS2 Characterisation of soil and groundwater microbiology : sampling, analytical methods, interpretation and applications for agriculture management (United Kingdom, December 2017) Download flyer here
  • WS3 Innovative methods for solute flux measurement in the subsurface environment, with practical field training (Belgium, March 2018) Download flyer here
  • WS4 Agronomy management from “field” to “fork”: Developing sustainable practices & mitigation of environmental impacts, incl. field visit for technology demonstration (Ireland, October 2018) Download flyer here
  • WS5 Career workshop, employment opportunities, developing an effective job search strategy, CVs and job applications (United Kingdom, 2019) Download flyer here
  • WS6 Integrating sustainability into agricultural practice : assessment methods, technology appraisal, management concepts (The Netherlands, 2019) Download flyer here
  • WS7 Entrepreneurship (consultant-led) incl. commercialisation, project finance, market research, media inputs, patents, IPR, spin-outs for technology R&D (United Kingdom, 2019) Download flyer here
  • Seasonal school, location and date
  • SS1 Developing science into practice, including stakeholder involvement (United Kingdom, March 2017) Download flyer here
  • SS2 Novel monitoring techniques to assess contaminant sources, natural processes and remediation performance with focus on nutrient and C cycles (incl. field visit and lab analysis) (Greece, 2017) Download flyer here
  • SS3 Principles and application of catchment-scale flow and transport modelling in groundwater (Belgium, 2019) Download flyer here.
  • International conference, location and date
  • 10th International Groundwater Quality Conference (Belgium, 2019) Conference webpage here, Conference presentations and posters here
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