Work Package 1 : Innovative methodologies for measuring fluxes of agricultural chemicals in the subsurface

Our ability to accurately quantify and predict mass transfer and cycling of C, N and organic pollutants through the transfer continuum of the atmosphere, soil, surface water and groundwater systems, and the role of European agro-ecosystems as sources or sinks is poor. Without this capability we cannot devise management practices which increase agricultural sustainability (by minimising impacts) across European landscapes. WP1 is set out to identify suitable sorbing agents for the specific detection of agricultural chemicals and by-products. Within this work package two projects (ESR1&2) are designed to develop semi-passive sampling techniques with single well tracer mechanism (PS-FVPDM) and passive flux meter technology (PFM). These innovative methods will be tested from the laboratory to field-scale for quantifying and continuously monitoring fluxes of agricultural chemicals leaching from a field to groundwater and surface water. The above devices allow continuous measurement, capturing all temporal variation in solute fluxes between systems, incurring considerable savings in monitoring costs thus enabling wider-scale, informed decision making for agricultural management practices.


Introduction to Work Package 1
Innovative Method for Flux Measurement


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