Work Package 2 : Predicting catchment-scale nutrient and contaminant fluxes between environmental compartments

In close collaboration with WP1, WP2 is aimed at predicting catchment-scale nutrient and contaminant fluxes between land and water. The collective efforts of five different projects (ESR3-7) target the quantification of nutrient fate and transport across agricultural landscapes using integrative isotope techniques. Besides essential nutrients, contaminant transport in and from agricultural areas determines the need to develop site-scale smart monitoring techniques and catchment-scale modelling of the environmental impacts of agricultural contaminant fluxes. These projects specifically address sediment-based nitrate reduction potential at catchment-scale and its integration in reactive transport models, and the transfer of green house gases (e.g. N2O, CO2, CH4) in the saturated zone-unsaturated zone-groundwater-river-atmosphere system. The innovation of WP2 lies in allowing our monitoring strategy to be uniquely adaptive which avoids large time delays in management decisions.


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