Work Package 5 : Sustainability of agricultural management strategies at the catchment-scale

Assimilating information and innovations from WPs1-4, the two projects (ESR14&15) in WP5 are to develop new decision-support tools for stakeholders to (i) select management practices and impact mitigation technologies which support SIA in Europe, and (ii) compare/spatially optimize scenarios which balance environmental and agro-economic impacts at catchment-scale. They include a sustainability assessment tool and predictive model to deduce the impacts of management practices for agrochemicals at farm- and catchment-scale. New indicators and performance metrics are developed for stakeholders to identify, measure and implement optimal production systems and management solutions for SIA. The indicators are both "effect-based" (characterising agro-ecosystem state and potential impacts on other ecosystems from agricultural production) and "management-based" (characterising management measures in the agricultural system that are linked to sustainability parameters). They are multidimensional, integrating technical, environmental and socio-economic actors in the process, involve stakeholder engagement in their derivation, and transferable to different production systems, farming practices and scales. These are a transparent, practical tool to monitor the implementation process and support good practice.


Introduction to Work Package 5


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