Work Package 6 : Network knowledge transfer and outreach

The theme of WP 6 is Network knowledge transfer and outreach, lead by the Knowledge Transfer Coordinator, and supported by the Network Coordinator and CL:AIRE. The outreach strategy targets each audience using appropriate media, which ensures:

  • effective coordination with similar science and technology-based education and training initiatives;
  • communication and engagement with the general public, all sectors and stakeholder interests in the farming, agri-environmental management and sustainable agriculture community;
  • networking and creation of opportunities for future collaboration;
  • a coherent platform to disseminate research and technical outputs from the project and identify future research needs in an integrated way.

This will ensure timely access of the scientific advances and technology innovations from the project to relevant parties.

The activities of the Fellows and Network Project Manager in WP6 include (i) maintaining the interactive network website; (ii) converting scientific results into scientific papers, technical bulletins, newsletters, conference talks and webinars, YouTube videos; (iii) developing the outreach programme; (iv) engaging with other Knowledge Transfer Networks, R&D projects and industry forums to coordinate on training and dissemination, and (iv) holding stakeholder consultation surveys with different European partners and sectors to support the sustainability studies in WP5.

INSPIRATION aims to arrange open days (e.g. via National Science Week initiatives) for parents and schools to visit their facilities, meet the fellows, view experiments, learn about the project concept and role of science in society and broader community. This part of the outreach programme targets to raise public awareness of the underpinning issues, how science is addressing the challenge, the role of education in this field; and encourages children into science careers.


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